Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Dino in Progress

Some thoughts part way into the Dino/Diner roadtrip: 
--its hard to show the inherent interrelatedness of dino's and diner's (even if it is indubitable:)
--I repeatedly have to remind myself that these surreal giant lizard things actually roamed our same planet earth 
--thinking about Dino's give's me the strange and humbling feeling that human beings are just a blip in time
--having this broad historical timeline in mind gives me a sort of absurdist appreciation for human culture, quirks, drama, triumph, struggle, joy etc. 
--looking for ways to cast characters we meet along the way as absurdist heros living on the same unfathomable timeline as Dino's
--This October in Montana feels like February in most other states
--Eating from 'greasy spoons' every meal is sort of intoxicating and invites lunacy
--even the cheapest hotels are luxurious after sleeping in the car for a week and a half of below freezing nights
--rural Montana inspires much curiosity (What do people do out here? What do people do anywhere?)
--the sky really is inexplicably big out here. yes, even bigger than it is in your state. 
--cold weather road trips are a completely different activity from warm weather road trips
--both are good activities
--I've managed to get myself into a rather difficult project that I have no idea if anyone would be interested in
--a good absurdist venture, no? 

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Jessica Leoti said...

I love Choteau, where the elk, dinosaurs, cowboys and diners all happily co-exist. I also love reading your thoughts on it. You make me miss rural Montana, mister. Hope you're well.