Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Eagle Trail

I used to hike the Red Eagle trail in Glacier NP a lot before a huge fire transformed the landscape it walks through. And I've continued to hike it since the burn. It doesn't even feel like the same place (wish I had before and after photos). I can't really say I have a preference for either one. Before it was one of those inviting idealic forests you could get lost in and yet somehow feel reassured and nurtured by the trees themselves. Now the forest edge is like a curt and opaque statement from the inhuman world. One that says you may live here, but it hasn't been for that long, it may not be for that much longer, and it was never your place alone to begin with. 

Been reading a lot of Cormac Mccarthy lately. Can you tell? LOL. 

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PushProcess said...

I love these photos. I love the sullen grey tones and starkness of the landscape. Did you read The Road? What a book huh?